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Lady Earthstar's Coven of the Enchanted Moon

Charmed Spells Seasons Five & Six

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Charmed Spells Seasons Five & Six
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Spell To Ease A Broken Heart


Charmed Fifth and Sixth seasons spells.

Season Five
Witch's Tail
Spell To Find The Mermaid
'Water rise up from the sea,
find the one who fled from thee,
follow where the winds are cold,
then fall tenfold like days of old'
Cast By The Sea Hag

Spell To Track The Sea Hag
'Powers of the witches rise,
find the sea hag who speaks and lies,
balance chakra, focus chi,
lead us through the cruel cruel sea'
Written By Paige, Cast By The Charmed Ones

Fearless spell
'Locked in, boxed in, full of fear
my panic grows manic, 'till I can't hear
in need of reprieve, so I can breathe
remove my fear please, make it leave'
Cast And Written By Piper

Spell to fell Phoebe's desire
'Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
reveal the secret that it holds,
bring forth the passion of loves fire,
that he may feel her true desire'
Cast And Written By Paige

Spell To Vanquish Necron
'Tide of evil washed to shore,
bring it's darkness evermore,
through our strength we fight this fate,
make this evil obliterate'
Written By Paige, Cast By The Charmed Ones

Happily Ever After
Spell To Trap The Apprentices Keeper In The Mirror.
'Freedom's lost, must be unwitting,
into the glass, to do my bidding'
Cast By The Evil Witch

Spell To Wake Paige As Snow White.
'Hear our call for those who fall,
purge her to awaken from this toxic take-in'
Cast By Piper (didn't work)

Siren Song
*No Spells Cast*
Witches In Tights (Magic Wears A Mask)
*No Spells Cast*
The Eyes Have It
To Call Upon Our Ancestors (to vanquish Orin)
'Marina, Teresa, Lydia,
Nicolie gypsies stand strong beside us,
vanquish this evil from time and space'
Cast By Avia, Phoebe and Paige

Sympathy For The Demon
Spell To Vanquish Barbas (failed)
'Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura, and Grace,
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us,
vanquish this evil from time and space'
Cast By The Charmed Ones

To Vanquish the past demon
'Hell is spun, demon creature of death,
fire shall take your very breath'
Cast By Penny

A Witch In Time
Spell to remove The Charmed Ones powers
'Before the passing of this hour,
take away all their powers'
Cast By Bicar

Spell To Vanquish Bicar (fails)
'We call upon Medusa's bones,
turn their flesh into stone'
Written and cast by Phoebe

Daddy Dearest
*No Spells Cast*

Y Tu Mummy Tambien (The Mummy's Tomb)
Scrying Spell
"Scrying secrets, come to me;
drop again, so I may see."
Cast And Written by Paige

Spell to extract Phoebe's spirit from her body
'Together no more through time,
expel her soul,
leave only mine'
Cast by Isis

Spell to extract Paige's spirit from her body
'Two warring souls now burn inside,
where only one can reside,
I call upon the power of three,
to save her body and set Paige free'
Cast and written by Piper

The Importance Of Being Phoebe
Spell to take away Phoebe's powers
"This Witch's power can not fight the lure of evil's magic might,
before misuse lands her in hell,
remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell"
Cast and written by Piper

Spell To banish the Nexcess back underground
'I am light, I am one too strong to fight,
return to dark where shadows dwell,
you cannot have this Halliwell,
go away and leave my sight,
and take with you this endless night'
Cast By Phoebe

Centennial Charmed
*No Spells Cast*
House Call (Obsessions)
Spell to summon a Witch Doctor
"Free us from the ties that bind,
of evil magic intertwined,
we cure upon the one who cures,
he who's to the dark inured"
Cast by Phoebe

Vanishing reversal spell
'Let the object of objection return,
so that it's existence may be re-firmed"
Cast By Piper

Sand Francisco Dreamin' (Dreamspell)
Spell to induce slumber
"Let we who are awaken from our sleep,
return that once to slumber deep"
Cast by The Charmed Ones

The Day The Magic Died (Special Delivery)
Spell to send away the unicorn
"Take this beast,
before I end her,
ship her back,
return to sender"
Cast and Written by Phoebe

Spell to vanquish Doris and Cronyn (and the remains)
"Beast of legend myth and lore,
give my words the power to sore
and kill this evil evermore"
Cast And Written By Phoebe & Paige

Baby's First Demon
*No Spells Cast*
Lucky Charmed
Spell to repair material objects
"Personal loss should not be mine,
restore this sweater and make it fine"
Cast And Written By Paige

To Find Good Luck Spell
"To find good luck,
finances have run amuck
creditors I soon must duck,
I cast this spell to find good luck
and hope my life will seize to suck"
Cast And Written By Paige
(backfires and send her to the realm of Leprechauns)

Cat House
To Re-live Your Memories
"Let the truth be told,
let out lives unfold
so that we can re-live our memories,  
and stop being enemies,
Cast And Written By Piper
(sends Phoebe and Paige back in time)

Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun (Naughty Nymphs)
To turn someone into a tree
"Changing seasons changes all,
life renews as creations call.
Nothing is immune, everything transmutes,  
so take this demon and give him roots."
Cast And Written By Piper & Paige

Sense And Sense Ability
*No Spells Cast*
Necromancing The Stone
To vanquish the leader of The Creepers
'Demons who dwell on slivers of night,
on clockish shadows to witches sight"
Written By Piper, Cast By Paige

Spell To Summon Grams
"Hear these words, hear my cry,
spirit from the other side,
come to me, I summon thee,
cross now the great divide"
Cast By Piper (and then again by Phoebe)

A Truth Spell (lasts for 24 hours)
"For those who want the truth revealed,
opened hearts and secrets unsealed,
from now until now again,
after which the memory ends"
Cast By Paige

Spell to vanquish the Necromancer
"Ashes to Ashes,
spirit to spirit,
take his soul,
banish this evil"
Cast By Grams

To call the Halliwell line
"I call forth from space and time,
matriarchs from the Halliwell line,
mothers, daughters,
sisters, friends,
our family spirit without end,
to gather now in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace"
Cast By Penny (Grams)

Season Six

Spell to Restore a Memory:
"Powers and emotions tied
A witch's heart is where is lies
Help her through her agony
Bless her with her memory."

"Valkyrie Vixens Part 2"

To Reverse a Curse:
"I call upon the Halliwells
I call our powers to undo this spell
Make right again that we must
Reverse the curse that made this mutt."

To Open Someones Heart:
"Open Piper's heart to reveal
That part which only Phoebe feels
Send it back from whence it came
Don't protect her from the pain."

"Dragons Heat"

To Fill in the Blanks:
"Moments lost make witches wonder
Warlock's plot or demon's plunder?
If this is not a prank,
Help us to fill in the blanks."

"Dirty Blondes"

Scrying Spell:
"Give me sight through the blackest bile
Show me the faces I revile."

Identity Removal Spell:
"Blinking faces blank and ho-hum,
We are they and they are no one.
Grant to us the power of three
And turn them into nobody."

"Love's a Witch"

Banishing a Ghost:
To banish a ghost
to oblivion pour
this mixture over
the departed bones.
a palmful of pomegranate seeds
ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf.

Mix well, add a chalice of
twice blessed water and boil.

To Summon the Dead:
"Unknown spirit, we call to thee
Those who wish to set you free.
Cross on over, so that we may help.
Come to us. Reveal yourself."

"Hot Mamas"

To become invincible:
"Blessed with powers from my destiny
bless this hero with invincibility."


To Summon the Book of Shadows:
"I call upon the ancient power
To help us in this darkest hour.
Let the Book return to this place,
Claim refuge in its rightful space."

To Go Back in the Past:
"Hear these words, hear the rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind.
Send me back to where I'll find
What I wish in place and time."

To Restore Chris Powers:
"Powers of witches rise,
Come to me across the skies.
Return my magic, give me back
All that was taken from the attack."


Spell to Summon the Dead:
Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to thee, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.

Spell to Turn Weapons Into Flowers:
They have no right
They have no power
Turn their hate sticks
Into flowers
Attraction Spell:
Come to me and be seduced,
I have a girl to introduce.
Fall for her‚€”you can't resist her.
Trust me, mister, she's my sister.
Spell to Allow Evil to Roam:
And so I call upon the Crone
Let evil roam inside this home.

Love Spell:
May peace and love
From the moon above
Flow through your heart
On the wings of a dove.
Spell to Vanquish Nigel:
Snuff this warlock‚€”his days are done‚€”
But make him good for the ecosystem.
Spell to Vanquish the Slime Demon:
Drawing on the power of three
Destroy this evil entity.

"Prince Charmed"

Spell to Create the Perfect Man:
Write down characteristics of your idea of a perfect man and drop them into the potion while chanting:
A perfect man we summon now
Another way we don't know how
To make our sister see the light
Somewhere out there is Mr. Right
Spell to Prepare a Table:
On Piper's day set this table
With all the favors you are able.

"Used Karma"

Karma Cleanse:
I call to thee, pure witches fire,
Through vortex flow the heavenly mire
Cleanse brackish karma of debris
From dark to light sweep history.
Spell to Vanquish the Swarm King:
Demons that swarm that serve as one
Vanquish him from which they come.

"The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell"

To Vanquish the Headless Horseman:
Power of three, unite
To end this grisly fright.
Reverse the roles,
And make us whole.

"The Courtship of Wyatt's Father"

Spell to Contact the Spirit of a Sister:
Sister spirit, we call to thee.
Cross on over so we may see.

"Hyde School Reunion"

Spell to Turn Into One's Former Self:

Those who mock who I am,
Let them always remember when.
Spell to Change People Into High School Seniors:
The past is the future and the future is the past.
Let's welcome back the senior class!
Spell to Create Fire:
Make them see what cannot be:
Flames that leap to make them flee.
Spell to Make a Criminal Hear Sirens:
Make him hear what isn't there,
His deepest worries come to bear.
Spell to Change Someone's Appearance Into Chris':
Who you were, you're now another.
Take the face of Wyatt's brother.

"Spin City"

Spell to Restore a Person's True Appearance:
You who found me at this bar,
Return to who you really are.

Spell to Bestow Good Luck:
Spell activates the magic of a nugget of luck
Sl√°inte is t√°inte

"Crimes and Witch Demeanors"

Spell to Turn Flowers Into Fire:
Flowers that bring desire
Make them turn into fire

Spell to Summon the Tribunal:
Di! Ecce hora!
Uxor mea me necabit!
The Vanishing Spell:
Let the object of objection
Become but a dream
As I cause the seen
To be unseen
Spell To Reverse the Vanishing Spell:
Let the object of objection return
So that it's existence may be reaffirmed

"A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right"

Spell to Summon Mr. Right:
A perfect man I summon now
Another way I don't know how
Bring him now into the light
Come back to me, Mr. Right
Spell to Rapidly Age Someone:
What once resided in its place
Shall soon be gone with no haste
Make this girl age in time
As punishment for her heinous crime

"Merry ye Meet, Merry ye Part, Merry ye Meet, again!"

Magick's a foot!