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Lady Earthstar's Coven of the Enchanted Moon

Ritual Formation
Gods/Goddess/Fey Names
Drawing Down The Moon
Astral Projecting
Candle Magick
Charmed Spells Seasons One & Two
Charmed Spells Seasons Three & Four
Charmed Spells Seasons Five & Six
History Of Wicca
Misc. Graphics
Spell To Ease A Broken Heart


Merry Meets,
      Hello I'm Lady  Earthstar. I have been a practicing wiccan for ten years now. I decided to show my faith to others, so I can teach the ways of old.  To help people be more control of thier lives, and to follow the path right for them.  This is a no-hate site, it is meant only for teaching, to bring knowledge for those wiccan, pagan, or just interested in such. It is also a place to rid yourself of dogma, and to reach the centre.   blessed be,
             ~*Lady Earthstar*~
                 High Priestess


In this website, you will find spells, rituals, basic's and fun.  hope you enjoy, and find help along your path. ~*blessed be*~


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"In it harm none, Do as ye will!"

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