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Lady Earthstar's Coven of the Enchanted Moon

Ritual Formation
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Drawing Down The Moon
Astral Projecting
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Charmed Spells Seasons Three & Four
Charmed Spells Seasons Five & Six
History Of Wicca
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Spell To Ease A Broken Heart

Wiccan holidays.

Yule- winter solstice. Symbolizes the God's death and the Goddess's supreme rule. A time or celebration, family gatherings, and warmth.

Imbolic- Febuary 2nd- The starting of spring, a time to begin new things, this is when the Goddess is returning to land.

Ostara- Spring Equinox. This is the time of the year when the light overcomes darkness. It's the time to plant seeds and let them grow. This is truly when Spring begins.

Beltaine- May 1st. This is a holiday of celebration. It celebrates the marriage between the Goddess amd the God. It is also a time to conceive if you are a woman and old enough.

Midsummer- Summer Solstice. Celebrates the God, just as beltaine celebrates the Goddess. The turning point in the year from light to darkness.

Lammas-July 31. The first of the harvest festivals, though its still the middle of summer for some people. Now is the time to pick the first harvest fruits in time for the winter.

Mabon- Autumn Equinox. Mabon is a spiritual holiday, the second harvest festival. now is the time to excersize your mind instead of your body. The tradition of starting school in the fall probably came from this idea.

Samhain- October 31st or November 7. Samhain, or Halloween, is the Wiccan and Pagan New Year. It is a great time for visiting the Astral, divination, and remembering the dead. It is sadi it's when the wall between worlds is the thinnest.

"AS above, so below!"

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